It may seem cliché to say that music lives in constant transformation, but the statement is clear when we speak of Viní, a producer based in Vila California, east of São Paulo, who perfectly balances beats, melodies and peripheral rhythms in his compositions.

Viní's differential is in the personality that he incorporates into his tracks. And the result of his experiences can be noticed in the EP ”Coringa”, released by Man Recordings (ALE), in addition to the tracks "Abram Passagem" on Arrastão (BRA), or "Preferido" and "777", in partnership with duo Marginal Men , both released by Branko's ultra-instilled portuguese Enchufada label

His releases led Viní to festivals like Bananada in Goiânia, SIM São Paulo, and the biggest global bass parties in the country, such as Tropkillaz & Friends, Wobble, Colab 011, INVDRS, Tropical Avalanche and Arrastão, set on the São Paulo edition of the Boiler Room

In a quick summary, Viní has the right sound pulsing in his veins.