Daniel Haaksman - Rambazamba (CD, Vinyl)


Daniel Haaksman - Rambazamba (CD, Vinyl)

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Debut album by Man Rec boss Daniel Haaksman. Double album vinyl.

The title of the album reflects this melting pot of ideas: “Rambazamba” is German vernacular for “stir up” or “mayhem”, used a lot in German spoken language, yet it sounds “exotic”. Its origins are etymologically unclear (though a common belief is that it’s a vernacular appropriation of the Spanish “Carramba” or a mix up of “Rumba” and “Samba”), there are suggestions that it comes from Yiddish or Romanic languages. Whatever the origin the word perfectly represents the atmosphere of the album as it represents the chaos, energy, and uprising elements of the recordings and at the same time, with it’s unclear etymological origin, it mirrors the aesthetic of the album with references to the sound of cities like Rio De Janeiro, Salvador De Bahia, Belem, Cairo, Luanda, Napoli, or regions such as the Caribbean and the Balkans.


1. Vinheta
2. Jesus feat. Tati Quebra Barraco
3. Pobum Coco
4. Copabanana
5. Hands Up feat. Seguindo Sonhos
6. Dubcheck feat. Shantel & Boban Markovic Orkestar
7. Angola Galopp
8. Strut Oriental feat. Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Orchestra
9. Sum Sum
10. Senta Senta
11. Kewok feat. Genghis Clan
12. Carnaval
13. Din Daa Daa
14. Bomba feat. Roxxy Bione
15. El Gitarro
16. Berlin Brega

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