Prolific producer / musician and DJ, Poirier was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. Having released music on Wonderwheel Recordings, Nice Up! Records, Mixpak, Man Recordings, and Ninja Tune, Poirier has produced a total of 10 albums over a span of 15 years – 8 albums under Poirier and 2 albums as Boundary. Poirier works to break boundaries, and he possesses an open musical mind. He's well-versed into Afro-House, Reggae / Dancehall, Soca and Electronic music to just name a few genres of his large palette. In Montreal, he’s responsible for the successful Qualité de Luxe, a monthly dance party running since 2014. He also tours constantly, bringing his brand of music and openness to people in Europe, North America and beyond. His latest album, Migration, released in 2016 on UK label Nice Up! Records features collaborations with Red Fox, Machinedrum and Face-T to just name a few. In 2017, he released a new EP called "Be Alright", a 4 track deliver of Afro-House influenced dancefloor firestarters