With an experience full of musical references, mainly, Brazilian, MC Tha embodies the fusion of Musica Popular Brasil (MPB) and Brazilian funk. Affirming her identity and expanding Funk's possibilities inside and outside the peripheries, MC Tha has created her own unique singing style. 

In São Paulo, where she was born and raised, the gray tones give space for colors: on the walls, in the houses, in the buildings, in the streets, in the people; and the skyscrapers are mere housing constructions of no more than five stories, so the sky's a show apart on this side of the City.

Native of Tiradentes City, east end of SP, Thais Dayane da Silva - 24 years old - comes from a Northeastern family. In 2009, at the age of 15, MC Tha's took her love for music and singing take the stage. Soon, Tha gained prominence for being the first female MC of the neighborhood and one of the first to appear in the new Funk sound of São Paulo.

In 2015, she debuted with the single “Olha Quem Arrigó”. In 2016, she released the video clip of “Pra You” a partnership between DJ Tide, Jaloo and the Funk label of Caixa. It was the same year she composed “Bonde Da Pantera” that is part of the BAILE SABOROSO EP released by the German label Man Recordings and produced by Omulu and King Doudou.

“Bonde Da Pantera” soon developed into an underground hit, especially when the music video was released in late 2016. The video was directed by Vitor Nunes, general director of the video and close friend. The video represents a game of almost innocent seduction, being part of the personality of MC Tha, and three other girls participate in the scenes and relax in the same way: free to be who they are.