Man 102 | October 13, 2017

We are happy to present the remix version of Daniel Haaksman´s much hyped summer release, the “Fun fun fun / Aná Aná Aná” single, Daniel´s take on the Cape Verdian high speed dance sounds Funaná and Kotxi Pó – as not all dance music from Africa necessarily has to be Afro house these days.

The remix package is also breaking boundaries in the Afro sounds we hear today. Three of 2017´s hottest tropical music acts put their hands on the Funaná tracks: DJ Marfox, Freak De L´Afrique and Populous.

DJ Marfox, a long time supporter of the original “Fun Fun Fun” track kicks off the remixes with a hypnotic, Portuguese Kuduro inspired version of “Fun Fun Fun” that brings every dancefloor to the boil. Just check the Instagram feed of the Principe DJ crew, there´s various ocassions where the Marfox version gets played out the somewhere around the world, even Berlin´s Berghain went nuts on this (believe it or not!).

Freak De L´Afrique from Berlin, who are currently getting a lot of love for their recent Afro club bomb “Mama Eh”, released on Man Recordings, also did their take on “Fun Fun Fun” and turned it into a festival style UK funky anthem with hands-up-in-the-air build ups – accordion included!

Last but not least, Italy´s Populous, whose recent album “Azulejos” was internationally acclaimed, put “Aná Aná Aná” in dembow mode with his hip shaking version.