Man 115 | 23rd of August 2019

The fourth single release from Daniel Haaksman´s acclaimed “With Love, From Berlin” album presents a collaboration with legendary Dominican singer and MC Paul St.Hilaire. In “City Life” Hilaire reflects on the sounds and pleasure of living in a large metropolis.

Paul St.Hilaire soon became a renowned artist under his moniker Tikiman after moving to Berlin in the 1990s. It was his soulful yet dynamic voice that became the trademark vocal of the electronic reggae project Rhythm n´Sound. Launched by Berlin techno pioneers Moritz Von Oswald und Mark Ernestus (of Basic Channel fame) in the late 1990s, the project as well as its label Burial Mix became a staple in the world of electronica and the bass continuum. Rhythm n´Sound fused Old-Europe-Abstractionism with reggae vibes to a magic, murmuring sound that hasn´t lost its relevance until today. As Daniel´s album “With Love, From Berlin” is featuring collaborations with international artists residing in Berlin, Paul St. Hilaire aka Tikiman was on top of Daniel´s wish list of collaborators.

The “City Life” single features a dub version by UK´s #1 echo chamber engineer, the legendary Mad Professor. He dubbed out the many musical parts of “City Life” into a trademark Mad Professor dub.