Man 114 | 12th of July 2019

French born producer, DJ and nature lover David Monnin, a.k.a. She´s Drunk has recently risen to be one of the most exciting new producer residing in Berlin. His unique approach to beatmaking has raised the attention of numerous artists and DJs across a wide spectrum. After a handful EPs and remixes released in the past years, She´s Drunk underground hit “Amadoda” ft. South African super star Sho Madjozi kicked off his international rise, ensuing single releases on Berlin´s Through My Speakers label and a recent collaboration with Daniel Haaksman + Kalaf on “Occupy Berlin” further causing enthusiastic responses.

Now She´s Drunk releases his debut release on Man Recordings that quite likely will further push his global reputation. The “Lush EP” is packaged in a lush green, displaying some of his carefully grown tropical plants, the humidity they´re producing and the presence they´re radiating in She´s Drunk studio have a direct influence on the equipment that She´s Drunk using. An organic, yet unique electronic texture is created, resulting for this EP in two tracks that show the polymath approach of She´s Drunk when it comes to music making: Here are meticously crafted beats, surprising vocal approaches and a very sensitive feeling for sounds and fabrics.

Press pic 2.JPG

“Hayatna” feat. Outsider feels like one of these moments where the universe is taking decisions for you. She´s Drunk initially was supposed to record vocals with an r&b singer but it didn't work out for some reasons. This very singer redirected him to another vocalist who turned out to record something great in a language that sounds fantastic to him: Arabic.”Hayatna” is a song that talks about the the way we live our lives which is not always what we really wish.

“Bae” is all about emotional lessons, these kind of moments where you feel a pleasant or unpleasant emotion taking over your mind and body and without judging it, you manage to observe it in order to understand the true nature of it, using it to grow from it. On a side note it's a track full of hidden field recordings from She´s Drunk daily life as well as some unexpected melodies like autotuned meowing cats that you can hear in the second half of the track.