Man 106 | 26th of October 2018

Berlin, one of the world´s major hubs for electronic music, has recently been in focus for its electronica-meets-classic releases by the likes of Nils Frahm or Max Richter amongst others.

Low end frequencies and dope beats however lacked all neo-classical releases so far. So Daniel Haaksman decided to create his take on the recent Berlin craze. For "Overture" Daniel was inspired by the new breed of São Paulo baile funk producers sampling German and Austrian classic staples such as Beethoven, Bach or Mozart. The 2017 world hit „Bum Bum Tam Tam“ by MC Fioti (sampling a flute fugue by Bach) being one of the most succesful examples of Deutsche Klassik blending into the favela sounds universe.

„Overture“ (French for „Opening“) is one hell of a kick off. Not only is it Daniel Haaksman ́s return as a producer (he didnt release new music for almost a year), Daniel returns to his very roots as baile funk pioneer. But now he´s flipping the coin making his own take on the new minimalist baile beats from São Paulo by mounting the strings of a Berlin string ensemble on top of a dope baile funk beat. The ensemble was casted by Daniel for the recording of „Overture“ and consists of Berlin based string players from Bulgaria, Austria and Israel.

The result is stunning: A powerful beat, a killer bass line, super tight played string sounds and an angelic chorus in the break down make „Overture“ one of 2018s most outstanding and forward looking club tracks. It´s the first release from Daniel Haaksman´s upcoming new album "With Love, From Berlin", scheduled for an end of January 2019 release.

Bass? Check! A beat that women shake their hips on the dancefloor to? Check! Sublimity? Mega check! And now make "Overture" go boom!

Early DJ support from Diplo, A-Trak, Feadz, Sam Tiba, DJ Orgasmic and many more!