Man 080 | September 17, 2013

Man Recordings is happy to present to you the debut EP by a new Italian crew. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome: Milangeles.

The two producers started as DJs and party promoters in their local town of Pavia, which is closely located to the city of Milan. “Milangeles” is a North Italian term for Latin American working migrants living in greater Milan, a name appropriate for the musical project of Filippo Tortorici and Teddy Renton. Two years ago, Flippo and Teddy got into producing their own edits and remixes for tracks they digged and eventually started to make their own tunes.

When DJing with them at one of their Fiasco parties in Pavia, Man Rec boss Daniel Haaksman was impressed by their unique approach to musically fuse all things ghetto. In a Milangeles track you can easily travel from juke to trap to polka to baile funk back and forth within 2.5 minutes. An approach perfect for a release on Man Recordings.

And now Milangeles release their “Passionata” EP, which of course means “being passionate” in Italian. And boy, are they hot!
The EP opens with the super “Samuel” tune which features a very known 1980s electro funk sample, twisted the Milangeles way. Starting with a cumbia groove you soon find yourself in a ghetto polka.

“Pan Man” kicks off bad man style and then soon drops into a down low pogo that surely will get your dancefloor blown into pieces. “Senta Senta Senta” feat. Rio De Janeiro´s baile funk crew Bonde Das Preparadas makes sure all girls will go up and down with their hips in the club. Finally, there´s the EP´s title track “Passionata” a laid back bass baby that everyone will get down to. It features the mighty Copia Doble Systema from Copenhagen – a match made in heaven.

Now wake the town and tell the people! Milangeles are here!