Man 073 | December 14, 2012

Here´s our newest release ready to rumble your Serato, memory stick or CD wallet: Uproot Andy´s “Fock Me Avontade” feat. MC Gringo & MC Nem.

Originally recorded in Rio De Janeiro in 2009 and already released in a version by Bavarian bass bulldozers Schlachthofbronx, the acappella of MC Gringo & MC Nem now sees a new release in the production of Uproot Andy. The Brooklyn based DJ and producer has been a long time favourite of Man Recordings. His amazing remixes for Chief Boima, Group Naidy, Frikstailers amongst others, as well as his high-class edits of Antony Santos and Toto La Momposina – to name the most known – have been steady DJ staples for years.

We are happy to now re-release “Fock Me Avontade” in the Uproot Andy version. Call this baile house or tropical 4/4. With the chants of MC Gringo – the German born MC, known as the only foreigner in the highly competitive baile funk game of Rio De Janeiro – and MC Nem on fidelity and lust in love relationships, this saucy track will fill any dancefloor in the blink of an eye.

Remixes come from Lithuania´s Moombathon wunderkind Boyfriend and Italy´s Milangeles crew, who cultivated freestyle rhythm science between trap and ghetto house in their remix. As bonus comes the original Schlachthofbronx version of the track.