Man 067 | April 5, 2012

Following his acclaimed „Rambazamba“ album release in May 2011, Berlin ?s tropical pioneer Daniel Haaksman now returns with a remix version of his debut, aptly titled “More Rambazamba“ (a.k.a. “With a blazer”).

„More Rambazamba“ literally translated means „More Mayhem“ („Rambazamba“ is a German word for „stiring up“, „kicking up a fuss“). Ensuring instant dancefloor rage, the musical styles on this album reflect on Haaksman ?s DJ and production style: Always full of surprises, eclectic and high-powered, yet with a gentleman touch. We hear on „More Rambazamba“, to quote Wayne & Wax blog author Wayne Marshall, „creative reworkings of some time-honored Haaksman anthems“ such as „Rap Da Silva“, „Carnival“, „Jesus“ feat. Tati Quebra Barraco or „Bomba“. Marshall: „These remixes overflow with polyrhythmic joy, bumping along with little regard for genre boundaries and in the process creating even more space for winding waists — and tastes!“

The list of remixers on „More Rambazamba“ is hot and high-calibred. Highlights include: Berlin noise master Jan Driver returning with his classic remix of „Hands Up“ feat. Seguindo Sonhos, which also got retouched by Paris hyphy don French Fries. Sound Of Sumo ?s Kry Wolf laid Haaksman ?s „Carnival“ onto a bass heavy, clickety clack UK groove, Estonia ?s Bert On Beats reworked the bumpy cover version of„Din Daa Daa“ in his trademark Kuduro inspired bass style. Big Dope P of Moveltraxxx sent the Rio funk anthem „Rap Da Silva“ to Chicago for a new Juke examination. Hamburg ?s So Shifty injected beefy beats to „Bomba“ feat. Roxxxy Bione, while Chrissy Murberbot put another Chicago infused rhythm onto „Jesus“ feat. Tati Quebra Barraco. And Urbs from Vienna remixed „Rap Da Silva“ in classic JA roots fashion.