Man 054 | November 15, 2010

Vienna tropical house meisters Beware & Motorpitch bring back their summer anthem “El Toro” with four slammin´remixes.

Used in a campaign for Hennessy Black cognac, the remixes by Oliver $, Schlachthofbronx, So Shifty and Bass Ill Euro now see an official release. With a new mastering, these re-interpreations already proved to nail dancefloors around the globe.

Oliver $ brings the horns in his Panorama Bar approved remix, included is also a dub for those who like it more minimal. Pure maximal is Schlachthofbronx´s remix which speeds up the Viennese bullride to ghetto-pogo-friendly 160BPM. Stuttgart´s Bass Ill Euro produce full belly dancing fever with their Moombathon remix of “El Toro”. And finally there´s Hamburg´s #1 Caribbean crew So Shifty, who made a superb Cumbia re-imagination.

Enjoy the ride!!