Man 050 | September 6, 2010

Known as Rio de Janeiro's permanent mission on the European mainland, Daniel Haaksman's Man Recordings label was established in 2005 and has since tirelessly promoted the sounds of Brazilian Baile Funk and other South American music styles in the Northern hemisphere. The label´s electro beats, Portuguese raps and frantic sampling collages provide an irresistible incentive to shake you stuff on the dance floor and have proven hugely influential across the world in recent years,. The Berlin based label gave this hot new sound an international platform and today represents the cream of Brazilian producers like Edu K, DJ Sandrinho, João Brasil or Sany Pitbull as well as international artists inspired by the style, such as Crookers, Schlachthofbronx, or Viennese producer Stereotyp, who releases under the name Ku Bo on Man Recordings.

With the „Valeu“ compilation („Valeu“ is Portugese for „Cool“) Man Recordings is celebrating its fifth anniversary as well as the labels 50th release. „Valeu“ presents the Man Recordings sound of 2010, which taps with one leg on Brasil and South American soil, with the other leg firmly standing in Europe and the continent´s electronic music club styles. Various transatlantic musical collaborations are featured exclusively on „Valeu“: João Brasil remixing Italian top-dogs Crookers in Tecno Brega stylee, MC Gringo singing over the folkloristic Ghetto Tec beats of Munich´s Schlachthofbronx or Berlin fidget don Oliver $ autotuning MC Wes. Plus there are many more exclusive tracks by Man Recordings artists such as Edu K, Ku Bo, Beware + Motorpitch, Daniel Haaksman, Isa GT and hot new signing Bert On Beats as well as unreleased tracks by friends and affiliates such as Seiji or Zombie Disco Squad. The compilation gets rounded up by „Valeu“ and the Man Recordings All Stars, on which all artists, friends and inspirators of Man Recordings get name checked by Rio funk MC Jennifer.