Man 040 | April 21, 2009

Rio strikes back! With the release “Funk Mundial – Rio Baile Funk Remixes”, Rio De Janeiro’s top baile funk DJs give their musical answers to some of the best tunes of the Funk Mundial series on Man Recordings – presenting baile funk remixes of anthems like Count+Sinden’s “Tamborzuda”, Crookers “Para De Graçinha” or Stereotyp’s “Jeçe Valadão”.

DJ Fú + DJ Dinho, currently highly demanded DJs on the Rio Funk circuit, reworked The Count + Sinden’s “Tamborzuda” in contemporary baile funk fashion. Mixing the ubiquious Tamborzinho – a beatbox line sampled from a live recording of baile funk MC don Mr. Catra – with the track’s original main snyth and MC Thiaguinhos lyrical punchlines, they created a Euro-Brasilian hybrid that is easily matching the original version in floor effectiveness.

DJ Sandrinho, who already contributed to Man Recordings in the Baile Funk Masters series as well as the legendary “Rio Baile Funk Breaks” vinyl, twists Crooker´s “Para De Graçinha” into the Rio booty shape. “Chou Chou!” chants the MC in the opening beats, and surely this track will make girls grind their booties to the ground.

Mashup-boss and Baile Funk Master DJ Egdar put his hands on Stereotyp’s “Jeçe Valadão” feat. Edu K + Joyce Muniz and added Accordion flavour to his Tamborzão based remix. Seiji’s “Tudo Mundo” was remixed by DJ Amazing Clay, the veteran Baile Funk DJ, who’s another contributer to the Baile Funk Masters series and regularly spins the weekend’s with the Curtisom Rio sound system. Last but not least DJ Phabyo, one of the hot new talents in Rio, brings Popozudas into ecstasy.