Man 039 | June 26, 2009

Following the acclaimed “Who´s Afraid Of Rio?” EP, Man Recordings proudly presents Daniel Haaksman’s 2nd artist release – the “Gostoso EP”. The mad beats from Brasil’s tropical megacity reverb on Haaksman’s new EP in various hot new forms and sounds.

The EP kicks off with Haaksman bringing baile funk to the playground, introducing the 2nd generation of baile funk MCs. “Kid Conga“ features MC Miltinho on the mike, the son of baile funk legend MC Batata, singing a nursery rhyme over a heavy, tropical beat, accompanied by an arpeggio that is resembling North Eastern Brasilian forro melodies. „Senta Senta Mais Uma Vez” („Senta Senta once more“) is Haaksman’s revisit to the anthemic „Senta Senta“ track from his „Who’s Afraid Of Rio?“ EP which received massive DJ rotation all over the globe. In its revisited mix, the techno side of baile funk finds its shape.

The B-Side of the EP opens with „Pobum Coco“, Haaksman’s bowing down to Rio’s love affair with Miami Bass. With a heavy 808 beat, „Pobum Coco“ tops off with a Tropicalia guitar line to get those big booties going. The polka-bass tune is followed by Rio’s MC queen Tati Quebra Barraco, shouting out on “Jesus” over a twisted funk synth and 808 snare rolls.