Man 038 | July 31, 2009

GENGHIS CLAN is the new project by a well known London based crew of producers which prefer to stay incognito. The CLAN is a multicultural project with audio and visual artists, that decided to name its tropical project after the famous Mongolian ruler and warlord, an early adopter and visionary of a transcultured world.

The EP kicks off with „Gatinha“, which features baile funk don MC MR. CATRA on the microphone, the undisputed #1 male voice of baile funk. Performing on the Rio funk circuit since more than a decade, Catra is considered the James Brown of baile funk, with an on stage charisma and a vocal timbre that matches the live presence and vocal power of the godfather of funk, Mr. Dynamite, in his golden years. Catra’s grunts, mixed with a samba lick and a heavy soca influenced beat makes „Gatinha“ a sizzling hot floor burner.

“Saudade De Ex“ is a cheeky little funk track with a nasty bass and an irresistable beat. The pitched baile funk voice and the heavy beat added make this tune a perfect floor filler with a late peak that makes any crowd scream.

“Quero Buceta“ feat. OYO’s DE BRUCHO’s DJ PANKO scratching to the beat, picks up the baile funk Miami Bass influence and adds a nasty bass and a oriental guitar – a bow down to the love affair of Brasil’s Tropical movement to oriental music (remember Gal Costa’s “Tuareg“?). Vocal contribution comes from Rio baile funk MC DUDU SIRI who states his love affair for the female sex organ.

GENGHIS CLAN’s debut release presents three hot baile funk and Brasil inspired tracks – let the rhythm hit ’em!!