Man 037 | March 21, 2009

#9 in the globe trotting Funk Mundial series on Man Recordings brings Rio Baile Funk MCing to Paris. Yes, for our ninth installment it’s time for a temporary alignment with the new French sound, embodied by Feadz, courtesy of Ed Banger records. Feadz, a.k.a. Fabien Pienta is the mastermind and producer behind the internet hype sensation Uffie, for whom Feadz created club-anthems like „Pop The Glock“, „Ready To Uff“ or „Hot Chick“. Feadz is also a prolific solo-artist who has released on top labels Ed Banger and Ellen Alien’s Bpitch Records amongst others, famous for his twisted take on electro funk, techno and various booty beats.

For his Funk Mundial contribution, Feadz officially declares his love for the mad beats from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in the track „Subiu, Desceu“ feat. MC Wesley. Aged eight, MC Wesley is the youngest MC to ever release on Man Recordings. In classic French pop tradition, Feadz paired MC Wesley’s rants on the Europeans sitting up and the Brazilians sitting down with a classic Mozart melody, which brings the best of old Europe together with the booty shakin beats from Brazil’s sugarloaf city – all in a banging baile funk fashion.

Feadz – one of Europe’s hottest producers, teaming up with 8 year old MC Wesley from Rio. A legendary match – exclusively on Berlin’s Man Recordings.