Man 036 | February 13, 2009

For its 8th installment, the Funk Mundial series temporarily moves to Buenos Aires, Argentinia to present what is quite possibly the first ever Baile Funk Cumbia record to be released. Yes, we’re talking about a world premiere here: The two music styles that recently put South America on the DJ radar again, are melting together in Funk Mundial #8: Baile Funk meets Cumbia.

For this volume, four of the hottest producers of Buenos Aires digi-cumbia label ZZK teamed up with various Baile Funk Mcs from Rio De Janeiro. ZZK is to cumbia what Man Recordings is to baile funk – mixing up one raw, regional music style with the best of various genres to create a unique new sound. Founded as a label in 2008, ZZK broke internationally with their mixtapes, in which cumbia – the traditional pan-latin-american dancehall sound – was mixed up with reggaeton, hip hop and various forms of bass music. Recently, the label released its first compilation and full artist albums.

Frikstailers are followed by El Remolón, who hails from Buenos Aires and is one of the big whizkids in the digital cumbia revolution. His collaboration brings MC Marina from Rio De Janeiro en pair with the Autotune effect resulting in the light and irie „Vem Que Tem“.