Man 034 | October 24, 2008

Edu K returns with a stunning new EP. It’s called „Party Munky“ and the title of the release says it all: This is about the big party, and in case of Edu K, the tracks on this EP demand the most maximalist „give it all that you got“.

And what better sound could capture the ultimate party sound but early 1990s rave music? Thus, in the summer of 2007, Edu K has put his tracks in a shape that resemble early 1990s UK breakbeat. Think of the primal tracks of The Prodigy, of tracks by Bizarre Inc, SL2 or early Shut Up And Dance – all reborn on a baile funk party in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil and you have the „Party Munky EP”.

Edu K shamelessly gives it all on this release: Rave sirens, pitched up voices, breakbeat explosions, all mixed up with the bigget beats of baile funk. The opening track „Party Munky“ kicks the EP’s energy level well off: A boombastic chord opening and Edu shouting „Party People I Wanna Know Are You Ready“, followed by funk MC beatbox and a merciless rave piano brings the air right to the boil with track 1. Followed by „Esse É Zuar“ and „O Bulho É Loko“, the excess thermometer gets fired up to even higher levels: Joey Beltram sirens, a patchwork of thundering beats and Edu K breathlessly shouting on top will surely make any hand gloved pill popper smile from ear to ear.

„Mexe Mexe“ and „Bota A Mao Pro Alto“ push the rave hellfire further: The first track brings baile funk’s Tamborzão beats together with the best from the archives of UK Hardcore. „Bota A Mao Pro Alto“ rolls out with another take on the „Amen break“ and pianos from hell. Last but not least „Rave Zombie“, which closes Edu’s bow down to UK rave culture.

Sinden has dropped the tracks of the „Party Munky“ EP already on various tours – these are 100% party proof bangers and surely destroy any dancefloors. No prisoners taken here: This is the soundtrack to the ultimate rave party. Deep house my ass, rave music is here to stay!