Man 033 | September 26, 2008

With „Who’s Afraid Of Remix?“ Man Rec label boss Daniel Haaksman returns with four club ready remixes of his debut EP „Who’s Afraid Of Rio.

The remix EP kicks off with „Parolar De Veso“ remixed by Ku Bo from Vienna. In his remix, Ku Bo continues his explorations in Afro-Brazilian music territories and mounts the lyrics of Rio De Janeiro’s MC crew Sd Boys onto an uptempo dancehall beat that sparkles dark and sexy in atmosphere. Occasional Bahian Samba eruptions mark the Brazilian vibe in this outstanding sonic reinterpretation.

Scottie B, the kingpin of hot hot Baltimore Club, puts „Parolar De Veso“ in a his trademark minimalist breakbeat booty shape. To a thundering bassdrum, a choir of ghetto thugz chant their support for the mad lyrics of SD Boys.

The remixes on the B-Side are dedicated to „Who’s Afraid Of Rio?“ feat Rio based MC Jennifer. The first version is by Italian allround producer Riva Starr, who provided a bassline heavy, funky broken beat remix with a slick Brazilian touch. Riva Starr regularly releases on SF techno prankster label Dirty Bird (home to Claude Von Stroke and Martin Brothers). Daniel Haaksman has been a longtime fan of his tracks and remixes.

The EP gets finally rounded up by the DJ Beware remix of „Who’s Afraid Of Rio?“. The Hongkong born and raised turntablist champ, who co-released the landmark „Rio Baile Funk Breaks“ album on Man Recordings with Daniel, recontextualises the Haaksman hymn as a Afroesque, West London tune, with a perky beat and great synth melodies.

Four great, musically diverse remixes that are ready for any DJ play: „The Who’s Afraid Of Remix?“ EP by Daniel Haaksman is another essential DJ tool by Man Recordings made for the dancefloor.