Man 032 | September 12, 2008

For the seventh installment of the Funk Mundial series, Man Recordings is happy to present a volume that was entirely recorded and produced in Berlin – the hometown and base of Man Recordings. Jesse Rose resides in Berlin since 2006, producing music and running his label “Made To Play” from the German capitol, where he is DJing at his residency at “Berghain” club. Oliver $ is a native Berliner. Both Jesse and Oliver release on the „Made To Play“ label, so we are happy to present this Berlin coop release: „Made To Play Guest Starring On Man Recordings“.

The London born, New-Berliner Jesse Rose is currently in high demand. Both as solo artist and together with his mates Dave “Switch” Taylor and Trevor Loveys Jesse Rose is responsible for the major kick in the ass that made UK house music fresh again. With tunes like “Tell Me Now” on Frontroom Recordings, the “Let’s Start Again” EP on Dubsided or his anthemic “You’re All Over My Head” this producer and DJ extraordinaire re-defined house music as we know it – and love it. His musical open mindedness made him a top candidate in the Funk Mundial series since its inception, so we are very proud to present Jesse Rose’s first Man Recordings release.

For his Funk Mundial contribution, Jesse Rose teamed up with the major female voice in baile funk, Deize Tigrona. Already a collaboration-choice for producers like Diplo or Buraka Som Sistema, the female MC queen from Rio De Janeiro is famous for her vocal and stylistic versatility and was a first pick for Jesse on his take on the Brazilian music revolution called baile funk. When stopping by in Berlin on her summer European tour 2008 she recorded “Toca Pra Mim” („Play It For Me“) exclusively for Jesse. With his Funk Munidal production Jesse Rose surprises with a highly percussive, mid tempo track that is cool in atmosphere and heavy in bass. Far from the over exposed, chlicheed fidget-formula which dominates UK club land in 2008, Jesse returns to his roots and presents a highly seductive, deep floor filler which celebrates the percussion culture of Brazil en pair with one of Brazil’s hottest voices.

The flipside sees the hot and upcoming homegrown Berlin talent Oliver $. The red haired studio crack is one of the few Berlin musical exceptions to the minimal reign of the German metropolis – he’s quiet possibly is the only German fidget house producer that can be taken seriously. His productions on Berlin’s Grand Petrol Recordings caught the attention of Jesse Rose and soon established a artistic relationship between the two, followed by Oliver $ assistant engineering some of Jesse Rose’s most famous remixes, such as Underworld’s „Keep It Simple”. On Mr. Dollar’s take on baile funk, the twentysomething producer demonstrates the muscular, booty shaking edge of his sound – it’s bouncing without the bling, it’s heavy on bass without a bassline and most of all it’s jacking, like
there’s no tomorrow.