Man 031 | August 22, 2008

Who’s Afraid Of Rio” is the debut EP by Man Recordings label boss Daniel Haaksman. It’s the latest culmination point in his steady, mad love affair for baile funk from Rio De Janeiro which started in 2003 when a friend returned from Brazil bringing Daniel a stack of CDs with funk from Rio. A virgin trip to Rio ensued in January 2004, in which Daniel explored the – then in Europe – unknown terrority called baile funk, resulting in genre defining compilation “Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats” on his former label Essay Recordings in summer 2004. The CD received global acclaim and produced considerable sales, encouraring Daniel to leave Essay and establish his own label Man Recordings in 2005, where he decided to fully concentrate on baile funk – establishing Man Recordings as the sole label outside of Brazil consistently and exclusively focussing on baile funk. Since it inception, Man Recordings internationally broke artists such as Edu K, Deize Tigrona or MC Gringo and released the first productions and remixes by artists like Crookers, Diplo, Count+Sinden, Bonde Do Role, Sany Pitbull, DJ Edgar, DJ Amazing Clay, Joyce Muniz and many others.

After releasing the acclaimed „Rio Baile Funk Breaks“ (Man 024) turntablist album together with DJ Sandrinho and DJ Beware in spring 2008, the Berlin based DJ and producer now proudly releases four baile funk inspired club bangers on his „Who’s Afraid Of Rio?“ EP. Haaksman decided to name his debut EP „Who’s Afraid Of Rio?“ as a bow down to the city and its rich music culture. He asks „Who’s Afraid of Rio?“ as he certainly isn’t – returning to the sugarloaf city twice a year since his first visit, attending numerous bailes in both the favelas and the regular neighbourhoods, establishing a steady contact and friendship with MCs, producers and DJs from Rio De Janeiro, with whom he collaborated on various projects and releases. “Who’s Afraid of Rio?” feat MC Jennifer, is the opening track, mixing up the beatbox sound of baile funk don Mr.Catra with a nasty snyth bassline, fitting to shake any dancefloor instantly. MC Jennifer is a well known baile funk song writer, who also wrote „Tamborzuda“ for MC Thiaguinho, which was produced by Count+Sinden for Man Recordings.

Track two is „Parolar De Veso“ featuring the infamous SD Boyz who have provided baile funk hits such as “Popozuda Do Planeta” or „Cerol No Mão“, the latter a track which was also featured on the first „Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats“ compilation. With a dancehall meets ghetto-tec beat, a mad synth bassline and the funky rhymes of the SD Boys „Parolar De Veso“ will cause mayhem on numerous Non-Brazilian bailes.

Track 3 is „Senta Senta“ a track that elegantly fuses baile funk with old school latin house beats and a fidget house breakdown. Think of the early Kenny Dope or Todd Terry visiting a baile funk party in one of Rio´s favelas. Finally, “Jogo Do Bilhar” („Playing Billiards“) featuring MC Betta, a hot young female MC from Rio’s North Zone, fusing Brazilian booty bounce with Euro crunk and dope science. Four DJ friendly club tracks that mix the best of baile funk with Euroland ghetto club sounds. The „Who´s Afraid Of Rio?“ EP by Daniel Haaksman quite likely will ignite another wave of passion for the hot, booty shaking music of Rio.