Man 028 | May 30, 2008

Digitaldubs is the #1 reggae/dub/dancehall sound system in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For the last years this group of DJs and producers have played throughout Brazil, including a weekly party in Rio, exposing international sound system culture to a new, eager audience.

More than writing a new chapter in the history of Brazilian sound system culture, Digitaldubs bring new and unique flavors to Brazilian and Reggae music. With their own studio and own label DD, they have released two albums featuring artists like Lone Ranger (from Jamaica), Sylvia Tella (from UK), B Negão (former member of Planet Hemp), Mr.Catra (the king of Baile Funk), Ras Bernando (pioneering Brasillian reggae artist), and others.

On their debut 7“ on Man Recordings, Digitaldubs present a fantastic baile funk-dub hybrid track. „O Comédia Vacilou“ contains Baile Funk´s main beat, the „Tamborzão“, added with a thundering bass line and sound system flavour. On top, legendary favela MC Duda Do Borel contributes with his outstanding vocals – besides Mr.Catra, Duda Do Borel is one of the greatest black voices in Rio Baile Funk.

The flipside presents Duda Do Borel. Probably one of the first ever baile funk-dub tracks ever.