Man 023 | March 15, 2008

The success of Edu K’s „Gatas Gatas Gatas“ 12“ single release is still burning hot in clubs and radio stations across the globe, the „Gatas Gatas Gatas“ music video being watched more than 200.000 times on YouTube and Edu K playing from Europe to Australia to enthusiastic crowds, Man Recordings is proudly presenting the new Brazilian baile funk smasher on the block.

„Edu K Me Bota Pra Dançar“ is the brand new track from Edu K, featuring Marina, Bonde Do Role’s former voice and front woman. It’s the first release by Marina after her split from one of 2007’s worldwide most hyped bands. A long time fan of Edu K and his pioneer work in the fusion of baile funk and punk rock, Marina sings a beautifully raunchy ode to her inspirator in one of her sexiest vocal perfomances ever.

Edu K was so impressed by Marina’s sexy vocal performance that he intentionally left out his own vocal contribution and provided the beats and sounds to Marina’s tune. „Edu K Me Bota Pra Dançar“ shows that Edu K has stepped up his producer game – heavy basslines, dopest beats and a club boasting arrangement marks the new „baile jack“ sound of Edu K, pushing the boundaries of Brazil’s hot new sound to the next level.

Crookers from Milan, Italy, who just remixed Chemical Brothers, Moby, Manu Chao and Bonde Do Rôle to name a few, heard Edu’s track and immediately offered to add some spice to this booty bouncing anthem. Their edit pushes „Edu K Me Bota Pra Dançar“ onto a Bmore inspired electro house tip. With an open highat, some bmore beats the Crookers edit condenses the track to an irresistible floor smasher. The instrumental and the acappella round up the EP for mixmeister purposes.