Man 021 | January 25, 2008

Deize Tigrona, the undisputed queen on the mike on the Rio Baile Funk scene, is back with a vengeance. After her collaborations with Edu K on the infamous „Sex-O-Matic“, a coop with London´s The Bug on the dancehallesque „Miniature Do Lulu“, „Bandida“ sees Deize Tigrona temporarly allign with the man they call Diplo.

„Bandida“ (=bandit) is the kick ass anthem against all male adulterers – and a warning shot to all women sleeping with married men. Even if you dont understand the full content of Deize Tigrona´s lyrics, the power of her voice soon makes clear that Deize is serious as cancer about all those women trying to snatch her husband away. Diplo, the world class beat maker from Philadelphia, M.I.A. co-producer and cream of the crop remixer, provides the musical background for Deize´s anger attack and sho´nuff, you cant get more punk rock than „Bandida“. While the average dance move for baile funk is usually the polonaise, for „Bandida“ the only option is: Pogo dancing.

The flipside of the 7“ single, produced by Deize´s husband DJ Rafael, is not quiet as punk rock as „Bandida“ but still rocking the bells. With a heavy riff and a bouncing Tamborzao, this one is more for the hips.

Vinyl release only. Limited edition of 100 in red vinyl. Available exclusively through the Man Recording shop.