Man 020 | January 25, 2008

KU BO is the exciting new project by Vienna based bass-meister Stereotyp. Known for his passion for Brazlian music and Afro beats as well as European club and bass culture, KU BO mixes the best of both worlds. Dark and sexy, with gutter drenching basslines, KU BO is the club oriented, voodooesque side of Stereotyp.

His first release as KU BO sees him teaming up with fellow Viennese MC Joyce Muniz. The Brazilian born MC already accompanied Stereotyp on his contribution on the first volume of the much acclaimed Funk Mundial series on Man Recordings. Joyce Muniz sang both „Jeçe Valadão“ as well as „Uepa“ and her voice on „Rebola“ and „Um Korpo“ surely provides two more future anthems for the Brazil-Euro alliance.

On „Rebola“ (Portugese for „shake your booty“) Joyce Muniz sings over a manic, forward pushing tropical beat that is spiced with incredible hi tec-bass sounds. „Um Korpo“ is the deeper track in this release, in which Joyce Muniz sings over dubbed out chords and a straight 4/4 beat that builds up to a straight dancefloor monster.