Man 016 | August 12, 2007

After contributions by Vienna’s Stereotyp, London’s Sinden+Herve and Milan’s Crookers, Man Recordings is proud to present the next volume in the Brazilian-European music exchange platform called Funk Mundial. #4 in the series is produced by the mighty Seiji.

A member of BUGZ IN THE ATTIC, as well as previously recording under the guises Opaque, G-Force+Seiji, USC and Homecookin, Paul „Seiji“ Dolby has produced numerous club tracks that display his unique rhythm reflections on the colourful musical caleidoscope of London. His first serious releases came recording Drum & Bass both solo and in partnership with G-FORCE/MARK FORCE for the legendary REINFORCED Records. He then began to explore and produce different styles of electronic music which led to him co-founding the hugely respected and innovative production/remix crew Bugz in the Attic. Founded with 5 other like-minded and similarly disenchanted producers, musicians and DJs. Coming from a varied background of House, Garage, Hip-Hop, DnB and most other relevant UK dance scenes Bugz have produced countless underground classics and successfully remixed most major artists worth touching. Though heavily involved in Bugz Seiji still worked as a solo Artist/Producer/DJ, the high point being the seminal ‘Loose Lips’ but he also remixes both major and underground Artists and DJs internationally. Though still remixing, DJing and producing innovative electronic music, Seiji produced MOLOKO’s ROISIN MURPHY solo album for EMI Records set for release in autumn 2007. In June 2007 he releaed a fully instrumental solo project called ‘DJ Tools’ through Berlin-based electronica label Sonar Kollektiv.

For his Funk Mundial contribution with the track „Todo Mundo“ Seiji teamed up with Rio De Janeiro baile funk legend MC Dolores, who praises the European-Brazilian collab in his unique baile funk flow. Dolores is the survivng member of baile funk duo Marquinho & Dolores – his partner 2002 was shot in the favela Rocinha. Ever since, Dolores has gone solo. Today, he regularly appears on Rio´s funk circuit but is also one of the most reflected song writers of the scene writing various songs for Mcs like Galo amongst others.

Using the intense, sample based groove alchemy of baile funk as a blueprint for his beat programming, Seiji created an outstanding rhythm track for the MC Dolores rhymes. You can hear the sonic reveberations of the typical baile funk MPC induced staccato elements, the super dry handclap, the trademark drum roll and the pounding bass drum – all put together into a irresistible dancefloor monster. Spiced with Carnival sounds, this is a classic Seiji masterpiece.