Man 015 | July 6, 2007

Following the first two volumes in the Baile Funk Masters series, which included #1 by DJ Sandrinho and #2 by Sany Pitbull, Vol #3 comes from another prominent figure of the Rio baile scene: DJ EDGAR. This gentle giant of a man has been around the Rio De Janeiro funk balls for more than a seventeen years. Starting his careeer as a sixteen year old DJ at Furaçao 2000, one of Rio’s biggest sound systems, Edgar soon toured Rio´s communities on the weekends, establishing him in Rio’s baile funk A-List of beat wizzards. As a producer, DJ EDGAR collaborated with various Mcs, such as WILLIAM & DUDA, CIDINHO & DOCA, MC MASCOTA, MENHOR DO CHAPA and MCs GORILA & PRETO. Most notably, DJ EDGAR is the DJ & producer of the „James Brown Of Baile Funk“, MR.CATRA, with whom Edgar Terra Marins Junior is playing more than a dozen shows every week in greater Rio De Janeiro as well as other parts of Brazil. In 2005 and 2006 DJ EDGAR toured with Mr.Catra through Europe, playing Scandinavia, Spain, UK, Germany, France and the Alpian states to enthusiastic crowds.

When the name DJ EDGAR is dropped amongst baile funk accionados, talk is about a man who both is a skilled craftsman in the percussive live mastery of the MPC, as well as a DJ who rocks a party wherever he plays with a style savvy mix from old miami bass to new baile funk. While Sany Pitbull’s contribution in the series was shaped by a highly sophisticated approach to baile funk, DJ EDGAR goes straight down to dancefloor with his tracks – call it the party EP of the series.

In „Be Goes On“ DJ EDGAR reflects on the Miami Bass legacy that enjoys a constant renaissance in Rio´s hillsides with an irresistible Electro funk lick, this tune surely will fit into contemporary DJ selections. Edgar’s MPC turns hot in „Gaitero Inch“ which percussively reinterpretates another Miami Bass classic. „Samuel Mix“ mashes favela beat boxing with DJ Battery Brain’s classic „Volt Mix“ rhyhthm with rave synth hooks. „Chumbo Quanto“ goes right into the sonic legacy of gaucho songs, which DJ EDGAR mixes up with a bouncing electro funk beat. And last but not least it´s a splendid MPC rework of the legendary hymn of one of Rio’s most popular football clubs, „Flamengo“, of which Edgar is a dedicated follower.

The vinyl features three bonus tracks.