Man 012 | April 13, 2007

After the critically acclaimed first volume of the „Baile Funk Masters“ series by DJ SANDRINHO (Man 011), #2 in the series specialised in Rio De Janeiro’s baile funk producer A-List is of equal prominence: SANY PITBULL is one of the torch bearrin figure’s of the scene. A DJ since almost twenty years, Sany’s skills grew out of a life long experience of Djing and producing. Today, he’s playing both the big favela parties in Rio as well as touring around the world. With his contribution to the series, SANY PITBULL introduces a next level in Brazil’s hot music innovation.

Yes, you can call this „Post Baile Funk“. SANY PITBULL pushes the boundaries of funk like few of the original Rio de Janeiro MPC percussionists ever did. The tracks on „Baile Funk Masters #2“ are vocal free, bringing SANY´s outstanding production skills to the forefront.
Take „TRIBOS“, which PITBULL produced together with Rio DJ Dedé. Hands down, this could be considered one of the best tracks coming out of Rio in years. With it’s collage of Japanese gong sounds, Chinese drums, Brazilian Indian chants, carried by the typical Rio tamborzao beat, „Tribos“ travels the world in a breathless 2.20mins of pure sonic bliss. If Timbaland would’ve grown up in Rio, „TRIBOS“ would’ve been one of his compositions.

“KRAFTFUNK“ is SANY PITBULL’s bowing down to Germany´s Kraftwerk and their tectonic shifting musical efforts that left deep impact in Brazilian and especially Rio music culture. „Without Kraftwerk, Baile Funk would’ve never become what it is today“, remarks Sany, „Trans Europe Express and Afrika Bambaataa’s interpretation in Planet Rock are the musical foundations of baile funk culture“. With a melody hook resembling late 70s European elektronische Musik, „Kraftfunk“ greatly bridges the past with the current.

„Beatch From Brasil“ dives into Brazilian music essentials, mixing up a berimbau, Samba beats with an electro funk rhythm, and soulful chords. In opposite to the vast majority of funk tracks, who are strictly banging, „Beatch From Brasil“has a deep edge, putting smooth sensibilties into the beat alchemy of baile funk.