Man 011 | February 9, 2007

With „Baile Funk Masters“ Man Recordings starts a second vinyl series which deals with the mad beats from Rio’s favelas. While the „Funk Mundial“ series focuses on the transatlantic dialogue between Brazil’s most versatile ghetto word smiths and various hand picked European producers, „Baile Funk Masters“ exclusively presents the real deal: Raw, uncut baile funk, straight outta studios of Rio De Janeiros’s currently hottest producers – all put on good ol’ wax.

#1 in the series is kick started by DJ Sandrinho, who is considered to be one of Rio´s brightest young MPC wizards. Long time DJ of the „James Brown of baile funk“, Mr.Catra, Sandrinho’s skills as a spinmeister and producer were wielded in many many baile funk parties over the years. From Rio to Stockholm, from Paris to Berlin to São Paulo: This 25 year old from the favela of Borel has rocked many parties around the world. Recently, he produced remixes for Gotan Project, Edu K and M.I.A., and his tracks have been included in compilations like „Favela Chic“ and the 2nd volume of „Rio Baile Funk More Favela Booty Beats“.

With his contribution to the „Baile Funk Masters“ series, DJ Sandrinho presents some of his hottest tracks. The EP starts with „Italiano Lento“, where one of baile funk’s most sampled sound bits gets another splendid treatment: Added with some „oohs“ and „ahhs“, the folkloresque mafia-soundtrack splinter receives a sensual rework. In „Berimbau“ Sandrinho mixes up the traditional sound of a Berimbau with DJ Battery Brain’s infamous „Volt Mix“ beat. The track was already licensed to the 2nd volume of the highly acclaimed „Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats“c ompilation.

„Tiroteio“, shows another example of the sonic avantguardism that Baile Funk represents. Consisting only of a dirty laugh and a gun shot put upon a funk riddim, it demonstrates the versatility with which minimalist sounds can be shaped in an MPC into a musique concrete that no booty is able to resist. „Sampler Louco“ returns to the first theme of „Italiano Lento“ and goes freestyle, with Sandrinho twisting his MPC till it bleeds. And last but not least the bonus instrumental „Montagem Percuca“ with it’s percussive playing a perfect backdrop for any aspiring funk MC. „Ta ligado!“