Man 010 | October 13, 2006

With „Funk Mundial“, Man Recordings is starting a new vinyl series. The title is its program: Presenting a global perspective of Brazilian baile funk and giving the genre a platform in which the top voices from Brazil’s hot new sound collaborate with various producers from the northern Hemisphere.

#1 in the series is from Stereotyp from Vienna. His futuristic approach to riddim science sees another innovation in the track „Jece Valadão“. It’s a super energetic dancefloor bomb, that fuses the raw vibe of baile funk MCing with 21st century Jamaican licks, all rewinded in true Vienna stylee. Featured MC’s are Edu K, Man Recordings main MC from Porto Alegre Brazil, and the Vienna based Brazilian DJ and MC Joyce Muniz who add’s sweetness in these 6.30 mins of pure power.

Joyce also appears on the B-Side of the #1 of the „Funk Mundial“ series. For „Uepa“, Stereotyp rubbed Banghra drums into pieces, mixed ’em up with a nasty sounding, son of a bitch of bass, and rolled it all together into a jaw dropping future riddim, to which Joyce sings over with her top voice.

Get ready for „FUNK MUNDIAL“ – there’s more hot collabs to come!