Man 008 | April 28, 2006

Everybody knows Edu K’s hit “Popozuda Rock n´Roll”. Now is the time for a whole album by the man they call the “K”. It’s entitled “Frenétiko” and it´s the first baile funk inspired artist album ever to be released outside of Brazil. It’s forty five minutes of pure energy, blending the hottest sound of 21st century Brazil into a breathtaking, musical masterwork.

Edu K is undoubtedly one of Brazil’s most talented contemporary musicians. From the late Eighties onwards, Edu K has been the singer and front man of seminal Brazilian punk band De Falla (named after the classical Spanish composer). Releasing more than seven albums, and varying their musical style from heavy metal to punk rock and funk, De Falla soon became a legendary name in Brazil, known for musical innovations and their energetic live shows. Inbetween, the Porto Alegre based Edu K released one solo album and produced various important bands like the mangue beat kings Chico Science & Nação Zumbi, Mundo Livre S.A. and Otto, as well as the rap groups Câmbio Negro and Pavilhão Nove. Recently he produced the Brazilian pop rock sensation Detonautas Roque Clube.

In 2000, Edu K produced the album “Miami Rock 2000”. The album was a salute from the punk rockers to Rio de Janeiro’s baile funk movement. For Edu K, the bass sound from the favelas of the sugarloaf city was punk in it’s very essence reborn. Only that with baile funk, it wasnt three chords and a singer that made a song and a group, but three sampled loops and a street casted MC. Parallelly is the music’s energy level as the DIY ethic of baile funk. “Miami Rock 2000” featured the track “Popozuda Rock n’Roll”, which became a big hit in Brazil, and an anthem amongst Rio’s funkeiros. The heavy metal rap song with the memorable chorus of big bootied girls in tight jeans was extensively played in the baile parties all across town. In 2004, “Popozuda Rock n’Roll” was released on the seminal compilation “Rio Baile Funk Favela Booty Beats” (Essay Recordings). From there, it was licensed for a Coca Cola TV advert campaign in Germany, landed on the famous mix CD by Belgium’s A-List-Djs The Glimmers, and has become a steady burner on international freestyle dancefloors ever since.

In October 2005, Man Recordings rereleased “Popozuda Rock n’Roll” as a 12“ single, alongside remixes by Philadelphia’s DJ Diplo, Rio de Janeiro’s DJ Sandrinho and Edu K himself, in which he presented the first ever baile funk-reggaeton mash up to be released. In January 2006 Man Recordings released the 2nd Edu K single “Sex-O-Matic” featuring one of the hottest female Mcs of Rio de Janeiro, Deize Tigrona. Notorious for her ability to both sing the subtlest jazz tunes as well as the most lust dripping slack lyrics, “City Of God” resident Deize Tigrona’S MC skills were forged in the fires of hundreds of funk balls all across Rio over the years. In her performance she brillantly counters Edu’s Mcing. The single was released with remixes by Solid Groove, another Edu K reggaeton mix and baile funk remixes by Rio’s DJ Mavi+DJ Sany and DJ Edgar.

And now Edu K presents his newest musical effort, the “Frenétiko” album. It’s the next level of Edu Ks musical vision in fusing a multitude of highly energetic musical styles into a big new sound. Call it baile punk, samba reggaeton or electro punk funk – Edu K’s “Frenétiko” album is Brazil’s new millenium answer to the post local, post genre musical era we live in. It’s a high energy mash up of kick ass music that is fresh and unique. Take “Funkeiro C.B.” which includes hardrock riffs, percussive electronic beats and the ecstatic MC shouting of Edu K and his brother and Co-MC Chilli Willi. Or “Faz Que EU Gosto”, where the electronic and melodic Edu K songwriting shines through. “Hot Mama” adds Cuban flavours to the booty bass. And “Sexxxy” starts as a reggaeton track and then speeds up seamlessly into an electro funk tune. Last but not least there’s the rocking “Gatas Gatas Gatas”, the bass slapping “Da Punk Funk” and of course “Popozuda Rock n´Roll”.

You won’t find another Brazilian album sounding so fresh in 2006. Edu K – baile funking, reaggetoning, punk rocking around the world! Watch out for live gigs!