Man 007 | September 29th 17, 2006

Reading the tracklist of EDU K’s album „Frenétiko“, it’s soon clear that this man truely loves women. Tracks like „Sex-O-Matic“, „Sexxxy“, „Quero Ser Ator Porno“ (If I could be Porn actor) and last but not least „Hot Mama“ all cavalierly illustrate: Edu K’s heart beats for all things female.

„Hot Mama, won’t you shake your hips for me?“ asks Edu in the opening line of his sunshine tune, and it’s quite obvious that few women would decline. Accompanied by a Cuban piano line, Spanish vocal licks, a bouncy electro beat and an irresistable fuzzy bass line, Edu mashs the Carribean with Miami bass, Brazil with New York in a unique way. The four remixes included on the „Hot Mama“ 12“ do equal cross territorial blendings.

The A-Side kicks off with the Sinden remix. Call it fidgit house, minimal bassism – this track reveberates many musical flavours in a fresh uptempo groove. But most of all, it’s damn funky. The remix is produced by London’s Graeme Sinden, one half of top remix team A.Brucker & Sinden, who’s remix list includes Lady Sovereign, Mary J Blige and most recently released the infamous Din Da Da EP on Counterfeet. Sinden has released tracks on Loungin’ Records, and is a long time collaborator of Dave „Solid Groove/Switch“ Taylor (who’s also behind the pseudonym A.Brucker).

The Bonde Do Role remix comes in true Brazilian baile funk stylee. Remixed by one of Brazil’s hottest new bands (now signed to Diplo’s Mad Decent label), Bonde Do Role have added a Tamborzao beat and shaped „Hot Mama“ into a favela compatible track, ready to blast the real big speakers.

Zuzuku and Blonde Phantom are hot and upcoming remix talens from NY’s Bronx. Their reggae and dancehall influenced mashups and remixes on their MySpace site were so conving that Edu K asked the duo to rework „Hot Mama“. With a nice (and very familiar) bass lick, Zuzuku and Blonde Phantom poured the Cuban bass track into a skanking tune in original JA fashion.

EDU K’s own „Jamekian“ remix starts with a dancehall influenced riddim and breaks down into an uprising, jacking house groove, perfect for DJ mixing from downbeat to uptempo grooves.

Four remixes and a crowd pleasing original mix – the „Hot Mama“ EP is another essential vinyl by EDU K that will surely find it’s steady remain on many DJs playlists.