Man 006 | January 23, 2006

Okay, we know that much of the Brazilian Baile Funk lyricism is mostly about getting laid. Yes, Rio de Janeiro’s 21st century beat music is nothing but a s-thing. Consequently, our chief erotoman Edu K named his new track “Sex-O-Matic”.

It features the mighty Deize Tigrona on the mic, one of Rio de Janeiro’s top female Mcs, notorious for her ability to both sing the subtlest jazz tunes as well as the most lust dripping slack lyrics. As a resident of the infamous Rio community, the “City Of God” (yes, the one from the movie), Deize Tigronas MC skills were forged in the fires of hundreds of funk balls all across Rio over the years. In her first time collab with Edu she delivers full steam: “You know what I only want? Sex!” she shouts in Portugese. And of course, we do believe her.

“Sex-O-Matic” is the second release by Edu K on Man Recordings and another track from his upcoming album “Frenétiko” (out March 22nd, 2006). Edu has made the scene in Brasil since the early 90s in punk, metal and funk. When his seminal baile funk track “Popozuda Rock n’Roll” was released in Europe, it soon became a underground hit. Since singing with Man Recordings, he has been remixed by Diplo and DJ Sandrinho and has been dropped by the Rio godfather DJ Marlboro. It’s quite likely that with the remixes by London’s Solid Groove, as well as Edu’s own reggaeton mix, and two mixes by some of Rio’s top baile funk DJs the word about the “K” will spread much further.

Solid Groove from London, a.k.a. Dave Taylor, a.k.a. Switch is currently one of the hottest remixer in the world of electronic music. His remix is a storming minimalist rave monster in his trademark “fidgit” style. Yeah, it’s “fresh!” as the sample goes: A simple bassdrum, Deize’s chopped-up voice and a gnarly synth hook will guarantee hands up in the air on dancefloors around the globe.

Edu K’s Reggaeton Remix mounts the energetic funk vibe on a reggaeton inspired skank-track. For those about to shake your booty!