Man 004 | November 11, 2005

With Edu K’s “Popozuda Rock n’ Roll” Man Recordings proudly presents a classic Rio baile funk anthem in a 2005 remix shape. Diplo from Hollertronix, Philadelphia, U.S.A., has worked the Brazilian burner into a highly personal interpretation of Rio’s favela bass sound. With a catchy snythie hook, percussive beats and the great voice of Edu K, Diplo had created a storming remix that no booty can resist.

Remix Nr. 2 is by DJ Sandrinho from Rio de Janeiro who is one of the most famous original Rio baile funk DJs and producers. Sandrinho is the main DJ of MC legend Mr. Catra and has produced various bases for the biggest voice in baile funk. His remix is a genuine baile funk interpretation. With it’s clipping bassdrums, percussive grooves and a firework of free floating samples, the DJ Sandrinho mix creates the authentic sound of Rio.

Remix Nr. 3 comes from Edu K himself. The allround genius from the Southern Brasilian town of Porto Alegre, who has been in the famous Brazilian punk band De Falla for many years, is today one of Brazils most prolific musicians and producer. In his mix, he created a reggaeton mix of his heavy metal-funk anthem. Undoubtedly, this is the world’s first official baile funk-reggaeton clash released on wax. A magnificent remix, which will set any dancefloor on fire!

On the B side, there’s the original, the instrumental and the acappella – perfect material for every bedroom producer and DJ to create his own favela booty beats interpretations.

Three excellent remixes, the orginal version, plus tools for the individual deck and laptop use – Edu K’s “Popozuda Rock n’ Roll” EP is surely one hot release. It´s a must for every music lover, DJ and booty fan. Now VAI POPOZUDAS!